Metis Instrument & Equipment profiles itself as an high-end player in the niche market of magnetics, delivering magnetizing equipment en quality control of magnetic materials.

With it continuous attention for innovation, the company company succeeded in introducing a number of ground-breaking products and technologie in the market.

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Sorry, we recently filled this position.

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Technically skilled and interested in innovationSee moreContact us


We are always looking for people interested in science and technology, with hands-on skills in electronics or electromechanics and looking for challenging tasks.

Just contact us, even if we might not have a position available right-away, we are pretty sure we'll need you in a short future.

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What we're looking for

With our continuous focus on quality and innovation, we are looking for a development engineer for the further development of our products. With this key role, you consult directly with our customers and take responsibility in the delivery.

You should have a master degree in Physics, Electronics or Mechatronics, preferably with a couple of years of experience in industry.

What we offer

Enough challenges and variety, covering fundamental as well as hands-on tasks. A dynamic team with a good spirit. An adequate remuneration.

Get in touch

Contact us and drop your CV. We'll contact you soon.

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