% austenitic fraction
% austenitic fraction
mm wide apeture
nWbm resolution for magnetic moment


Quality control of austeitic steel

  • for thin samples
  • 1% accuracy over the full range


Key features and benefits

  • Direct characterisation of austenitic/ferritic fraction of various steel alloys:TRIP, Stainless, dual-phase, etc.
  • Measurement of magnetic moment at saturation of monetary coins 
  • Compensation for composition
  • Results obtained within seconds
  • Better than 0.1% repeatability
  • Traceable calibration with Ni-standard
  • Easy interface and dataprocessing


The MSAT retained austenite measurement instrument determines the austenitic / ferritic fraction of various types of steel (eg TRIP, stainless steel) at room temperature. The fraction of retained austenite is determined based on the magnetic moment with the necessary corrections for chemical composition and shape.

The equipment measures the magnetic moment at saturation of a metallic sample using its strong magnetic field. Hence it is also suited for quality control on monetary coins..



What are typical applications of the MSAT?

Typpical applications are:

  • determination of retained austenite in steels with compensation for composition
  • determination of magnetic moment at saturation (eg quality control of monetary coins)
  • determination of ferrite or martensite in austenitic steels with compensation for composition
  • determination of magnetic content in ores and slags

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