Key features and benefits

  • Energy range: 4 to 200+ kJ
  • 3 kV max voltage
  • Modular architecture
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Industry standard connections for easy integration in production line
  • Economical solution
  • Safer and cleaner production process
  • Avoid difficult handling of pre-magnetized magnets
  • Faster production
  • Flexible production solutions
  • On-line quality control
  • Improved product quality and PMG power output


Power supplies for advanced magnetizing applications. This capacitive discharge magnetizer (from 4 till 200+ kJ and up to max 3 kV) will  deliver high power using less energy.

Extra information
What are these Industry standard connections for easy integration in production line?

Metis’ CDM magnetizers offer state-of-the-art connectivity by means of RS232, 24 V Logic and Ethernet interfaces. This allows for seamless integration in existing production lines.

In addition, Metis also offers tailored automation solutions for magnetizing processes. In this case a magnetizing process is analyzed and a application-specific solution is developed together with the customer. Metis offers turn-key solutions, ranging from simple desktop automations to large-scale production units.


How can you avoid difficult handling of pre-magnetized magnets?

These pre-magnetized magnets have strong magnetic forces that can be dangerous to the operator but also require the use of expensive positioning tooling. When you choose to make use of the magnetizing technology of Metis you will be able to avoid the difficult handling of these pre-magnetized magnets.

What is meant by an economical solution?

An economical solution is obtained thanks to the energy efficient magnetizing coils designed by Metis.

What is this safer and cleaner production process?

The production process will be safer and cleaner by avoiding the handling of excessive magnetic forces of dirt free pre-magnetized material. All models have a simple, intuitive user interface and safety interlock provisions for operator protection.






How can you speed up the production process?

Faster production is made possible due to the hassle-free mounting of the magnets, a magnetizing time less than 1 to 2 hours depending on the rotor length and a scalable production process that enables larger production volumes

What is this flexible production solution about?

It offers a flexible production solution by allowing different geometries to be magnetized and this with moderate additional investments.

How can you improve the product quality as well as the PMG power output?

The product quality and PMG power output are improved due to the better tolerances on the magnet positioning and therefor resulting in better product characteristics, due to the ability to influence neutral zone & skewness by using the Multi-Shot principle and due to the conditioning of the magnets realizing a constant product performance.

What is this on-line quality control about?

On-line quality control of product performance related parameters. All models provide standard current measurement feedback as a first level of process control. Advanced quality control (e.g. in conditioning applications) is possible via integration of flux- or gaussmeters. Finally, integration into the production line is possible via remote control over RS232 and/or 24 V relay logic.


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