mm diameter


Quality control of permanent magnets with the HyMPulse hysteresis meter:

  • free-form samples
  • also for coated samples
  • measures coercivity up to 3500 kA/m
  • external field up to 7 Tesla
  • temperature range up to 220°C
  • excitation levels are probe, material and sample dependent

Key features and benefits

  • industrial magnet geometries
  • all permanent magnet material: High grade NdFeB, SmCo and hard ferrites
  • large volume range
  • industry standard measurements
  • user friendly


The HyMPulse magnetic properties tester is the leading hysteresis meter for characterizing advanced permanent magnetic materials (Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo) with industrial shapes like segments, rings, bars, etc. The basic functionality is that of a hysteresis graph: the measurement of the B-H hysteresis curves of the full range of magnetic materials: (hard-)ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo. Through its original setup, the HyMPulse enables the analysis of virtually any sample geometry and any magnetic material. Because of the universal measurement probe, there is no need for pole shoes and standard sample geometries. Because of the high fields applied, even the most coercive materials are now measurable.

Extra information
What are the industry standard measurements capabilities?

The capabilities of the HyMPulse measurements towards the industry standards are 

  • State-of-the-art repeatability and accuracy.
  • Measurements at user-definable temperatures between 20-180° C but also with the sample at uniform temperature.
  • Automatic Eddy-current compensation (patent pending)
  • Measurement of : 

                        -Hysteresis curve                                           

                        -Residual flux density (Br)

                        -Coercive field (HcJ)

                        -Coercive field (HcB)

                        -Knee point (HcKnee)

                        -Maximum excitation field (Hm)

                        -Maximum induction (Bm)

                        -Maximum energy product (BHmax)

                        -Working point

How big is this large temperature range?

The temperature range is from -40°C up to 220°C. Measurements at user-definable temperatures between 20-180°C but also with the sample at uniform temperature. The temperature control happens via external heating.

What are the  "industrial magnet geometries" possibilities?

The  "industrial magnet geometries" possibilities are: 

  • Shape insensitive measurement (patented): free form segments, rings, cylinders, bars,...
  • In-vivo magnet inspection of the end-product instead of standard reference magnets
  • One probe fits all because there are no pole shoes
  • The standard sample bore diameter is 50 mm
  • Measurement of coated magnets is possible even for very thick layers of coating
How large is the volume range for the HyMPulse magnetic properties tester?

The large volume range is due to the easily exchangeable HMP-probes (sample holder) for different magnet volumes. Standard size up to 50mm. 

Description of the HMP-probe or sample holder:

  • Sensor and sampleholder to be inserted in available HyMPulse field coil for characterization of hard-ferrites, NdFeB and SmCo
  • Position and geometry insensitive measurement of hysteresis curves of different magnet geometries with 1 sensor: segments, cylinders, bars, rings,...with unidirectional magnetization or known opening angle (patent pending)
What is the user-friendliness of the HyMPulse advanced magnetic properties tester?

The HyMPulse is very user friendly because of:

  • No sample preparation neither pole shoe adaptation is needed
  • The samples can be demagnetized after measurement for ease of easy handling
  • Online data viewing with platform PC
  • Off-line date viewing and sharing of measurement results with non HyMPulse platform users
Why is the measurement with the HyMPulse insensitve towards the magnets shape?

The HyMPulse makes measurements insensitive towards the shape of the magnets thanks to its patented working principle. Since there are no pole shoes per magnet geometry and because the measurements of bars, rings, <segments, discs,... are made with one probe.

How does the HyMPulse relate to the industry standards?

The measurement results with the HyMPulse were checked in a technical report TR 62331 and proved to be in accordance with the industry standard IEC 60404-5 for permanent magnets.


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